Designing of individual houses

Designing of individual houses from different materials.

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Design steps:

  1. You call us or write a letter
  2. Listen to your preferences and discussing required documents
  3. Sign the contract
  4. Order and receive design condition
  5. You formulate a task for design
  6. We offer you design variants
  7. We provide architectural and technical drawings
  8. We provide konstruktion drawings
  9. Drawings of external power grids are provided
  10. Calculations of energy efficient are provided
  11. Place a project in “Infostatybą”
  12. We get a building permit

Project adaptation for SIP panels

If you have chosen a project but want a warm home from SIP panels, our constructors will apply it to the construction of SIP and fully prepare the construction part of the project.

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– We can slightly modify your project for a cheaper use of SIP.

– We will calculate the structures and the thickness of the thermal insulation, prepare detailed work drawings, SIP walls and roof tiles, inserts, joints, walls, roof, floor and other units, quantities of materials, descriptions required, specifications etc.

– We will prepare shield design drawings for production.

Agricultural structures, farmsteads, industrial and warehouse buildings.

Our project managers experience is not one designed agricultural building. And from SIP - Structural Insulating Plates, we can design warm premises.

Interior projects

Interior and furniture allocation scheme, interior 3D visualization, lighting and electrical installation plans.

     - We will design your home comfortably and functionally
     - Take care of technical issues
     - We will present the interior vision in visualizations